Mayor Endorsements

I enthusiastically endorse you for county commissioner. You have been a tremendous partner for the city of Fishers and I hope to continue to work with you to move Hamilton County forward. -Mayor Fadness

Mark Heirbrandt is an outstanding County Commissioner. He is excited about serving every citizen in the county regardless of your location. Mark has traveled the entire county listening and asking about citizen concerns. Mark is a team player and works hard every day to move Hamilton county forward. I fully endorse Mark Heirbrandt for re-election! – Mayor John Ditslear

Mark Heirbrandt has proven himself to me. He is the most hard working, dedicated elected official I know. Mark fairly represents taxpayers all over Hamilton County. It is my pleasure to support Mark Heirbrandt for Hamilton County Commissioner. – Mayor Andy Cook, Westfield

You have my endorsement Mark. – Mayor Jim Brainard


I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Commissioner Mark Heirbrandt for being involved and helping our small town of Sheridan over the past 3-1/2 years.   We all appreciate the “can do” attitude of Mark and the time he gives to our community.  We feel that we now have a partner who will listen and help our Town.   On behalf of the entire Town of Sheridan Council, we proudly endorse Mark Heirbrandt for re-election of Hamilton County Commissioner. – David Kinkead, Council President, Town of Sheridan 

Mark has been a tremendous advocate for the City of Fishers. His leadership has been proven time and time again. He works tirelessly for the residents of Fishers and Hamilton County. Mark’s leadership and vision were of extreme importance during the successful process of obtaining approval for a permanent improvement to State Road 37. The unique deal structure of the road improvement was an absolute windfall for Fishers and Hamilton County. Mark is a great communicator and, more importantly, a great listener for other elected officials and citizens. As President of the Fishers City Council, I wholeheartedly support Mark and his leadership and commitment to Fishers. Our entire city council also unanimously supports Mark’s re-election effort. – John Weingardt, Council President – City of Fishers

I was first introduced to Mark Heirbrandt soon after he became our Hamilton County Commissioner in January of 2013.  In these past few years Mark has proved to be an outstanding public servant and has been very attentive to the concerns and needs of not only the district he represents, but to our entire county.  As a former county commissioner I know the challenges of the office and he has certainly earned my respect for the great job that he is doing.  He works tirelessly to meet the demands of his duties and responsibilities. As President of the Westfield City Council I will support Mark in his efforts for re-election.  He is most qualified to serve district 3 and all of the residents of Hamilton County. In addition to having established a good working relationship with Mark, I’m even more pleased to know Mark as a valued friend and neighbor.  Please join me in supporting Mark Heirbrandt for Hamilton County Commissioner. – Chuck Lehman, President, Westfield City Council

It is my pleasure to advise you that the following members of the Carmel City Council have enthusiastically endorsed your candidacy for reelection to the office of Hamilton County Commissioner: Sue Finkham, Bruce Kimball, Kevin Rider, Jeff Worrell, Carol Schleif and myself. As do the rest of my Council colleagues, I wish you good luck in the election and I thank you for the support you have provided Carmel at the County level. – Ron Carter, President – City of Carmel Council

On behalf of the Arcadia Town Council, I want to thank you for your tireless efforts in helping the northern part of Hamilton county with critical issues.  It has been many years that someone in your position as Commissioner, has taken the time to not only attend our meetings, but also been an active participant in our endeavors.  We praise you for who you are and what you have accomplished for our citizens.  It is with great pleasure that the “Arcadia Town Council” give you our full endorsement for reelection as Commissioner.   We are proud of you as a “Commissioner,” but especially as a “Friend.”
– Maurice E. St.Louis, President, Arcadia Town Council

It is an honor for the Atlanta Town Council to endorse Mark Heirbrandt for re-election as Hamilton County Commissioner. Mark’s dedication to the entire county is not only evident and impressive it is very much appreciated by this small community. From day one Mark has been concerned with our own local projects and issues and has proven he is the real deal by rolling up his sleeves and actually working alongside of us! His vision for our county is put into motion by his great leadership, enthusiasm, energy, and dedication to working together with each and every one of us.  – Robyn Cook, CMC Clerk-Treasurer, Atlanta Town Council

From the moment he was first elected, Mark Heirbrandt has worked closely with the city of Noblesville to move our community forward in a financially responsible way.  He knows the importance of strong local involvement, communication and leadership.  From the new Ivy Tech campus in Noblesville to the recent State Road 37 announcement, Mark has been a tireless advocate for our city and county.  The Noblesville Common Council is honored to endorse his bid for re-election. – Greg O’Connor, SVP, Council President – City of Noblesville 

Other Community Leaders

Mark Heirbrandt is a highly effective, passionate, and caring County Commissioner, who has led many successful and positive initiatives for our county, and I definitely support his reelection.  We need his continued leadership.  Mark works for the betterment of the entire county! – Tony Cook, State Representative #32

I am pleased to inform you that you are rated by our organization as well qualified to hold the office you seek. I am also pleased to award you our endorsement in the forthcoming election. Our association believes your constituency will be well served by having you in office. We wish you well in your contest. I look forward to working with you and your supporters as you work toward May 3rd.

I totally endorse the re-election of Mark Heirbrandt for County Commissioner.  In his first term, his energy and dedication has help to make a County that is already rated number one, even better.  Mark is truly committed to make Hamilton County the best it can be. – Steve Dillinger, Hamilton County Commissioner

Mark Heirbrandt has been a tireless advocate for Hamilton County. He is a collaborative, innovative, solutions-oriented leader, and Hamilton County is a better place to live, work and raise a family because of his leadership. – Chris Jensen, Noblesville City Council