About Mark

Mark Heirbrandt’s Path to Hamilton County Commissioner

Serving the community as a public official was never one of Mark Heirbrandt's career goals. In 2012, Mark wanted more clarity on initiatives that were happening in Westfield and throughout the County. This led Mark on an inquiring journey to get answers that not only affected him, but the entire community. Just like anything else in life, Mark has always been motivated by digging deep into complex problems to find simple, innovative and cost-effective solutions.


Several residents and community leaders encouraged Mark to run for Hamilton County Commissioner after Doug Carter stepped down to become Indiana State Police Superintendent.  Mark’s desire to impact the community on a local level has always been strong.  Mark was first elected as Hamilton County Commissioner in early 2013 and was re-elected in 2016. 

Growing up as Mark Heirbrandt


Mark grew up on the West side of Indianapolis with his identical twin brother, younger sister and parents. His parents instilled in him the value of family at a young age. The importance of being a hard worker, giving back to the community, and communicating openly was the foundation for everything Mark did in his life. 

Through his junior high and high school years, Mark ran a newspaper route at 5:00am, seven days a week. The life lessons he learned from this job were invaluable: commitment, responsibility, dependability, people skills, and the value of a dollar. 

Mark was a standout athlete in track and field and went on to receive a pole vault scholarship at the University of Indianapolis. He graduated with a double major in Chemistry and Biology. 

The Heirbrandt Family


Mark, and his wife Gina, have lived in Hamilton County for almost 30 years. They are the proud parents to Blake, and twins, Ethan and Evan. The Heirbrandt’s are active in the Catholic community and are members of Saint Maria Goretti Catholic Parish in Westfield.

Serving as Hamilton County Commissioner


Mark continues to encourage residents, "the more we communicate between government and the public, the more we are able to find practical and efficient solutions." Serving as Hamilton County Commissioner has brought Mark back to his roots - truly helping people.


Throughout his time as Commissioner, he has met with thousands of residents to better understand the needs and challenges of the County. Mark has never been hesitant to break down complex issues and look at challenges differently. 


Because Commissioners lead and manage a wide range of responsibilities, Mark feels that it is his responsibility to communicate regularly and often with the community. He’s always found that information is powerful, and the more services and opportunities that residents know about, the bigger and wider the impact can be. 


Public Safety

Continue to advance public safety by taking a proactive approach.

  • Emergency Management
  • Opioid Crisis
  • Jails and Jail Programs
  • Training for firefighters and police departments / role-playing
  • Hazmat Training
  • Riverview Health
  • Schools
  • Public Health

Road Safety

Strengthen roads through maintenance, expansion and improvements.

  • Road Maintenance
  • Traffic Mitigation 
  • Road Improvements
  • Planning for county growth and expansion

Cost Savings

Find cost saving solutions for complex challenges our county faces.

  • Making sound financial decisions for taxpayers to save them money
  • Energy-Efficient Solutoins (Energy is the county's second highest expense)
  • Solar
  • LED
  • Drainage
  • Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles
  • Coordinating services (Such as 911 services)
  • Parks

Communication & Transparency

Open dialogue and transparency across the county. 

  • Transparency
  • Educating the county & relaying factual information
  • Relaying sensitive and important information in a timely manner
  • Easy two-way communication
  • Strong communication and collaboration between all cities and towns within the county
  • The commissioners are the only executives in the county that have a stake in the success of each and every community, not just their own backyard